About Tobias

TVLA specialises in:

Sensory Oriented Landscape Design

Inclusive/Special Needs Garden Design

Sustainable Landscape Design


Sensory Workshops 

"Hi, I am Tobias Volbert, a landscape architect and passionate advocate for creating engaging, sensory places that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or ability."

His passion and drive for inclusive design beyond accessibility has seen him become an expert in this field. In 2013, Tobias co-founded the 7 Senses Foundation www.7senses.org.au and has since been invited to many industry events promoting the topic of creating environments suitable for people of all ages and abilities. 


Tobias Volbert is a Registered Landscape Architect, with over 15 years experience in designing and creating engaging landscapes.

Born and educated in Germany, Tobias has called Australia home since 2007 and has a strong understanding for South East Queensland landscapes and sensory needs of people with special needs.   
As a landscape architect, Tobias is now excited by the opportunity to create engaging, meaningful places in your back yard. 

For more information on one of Tobias' projects check page 6-9 ACAA newsletter or blog on therapeutic gardens: